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Mailing Services

Network Printing

                                                   offers a full range of mailing services to meet your company's marketing, campaign, fundraising, or information services efforts.  Network Printing assists you in launching a fast, accurate and effective direct mail program.  And in order to get you the absolute lowest postal rates, we always......  

  Zip + 4/Bar Coding, 3/5 Digit Presorting, CASS Cerrtification, Carrier Route   
     Sorting, Personalization, Match Sorting, Merge/Purge Capabilities

  Laser & Inkjet Printing
>    Cheshire and Pressure Sensitive Labelling
>    Machine & Hand Inserting, Affixing Stamps, Wafer Sealing
>    Folding, Fulfillment
>    Delivery to the Post Office

1. NCOA certify to reduce returned mail and lower overall postal costs.
2. CASS certify to ensure you pay the lowest possible mailing rate.
3. Deal with any requirements from the post office ahead of time, including 
    and address requirements.

Our services include: